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Mark Vengroff

Prior to joining OSH, Mark was the CEO of Walker Advertising, a company owned by the Private Equity firm, Clearlight Partners.  Walker is the largest legal advertising agency in the country that helps legal firms market and grow their practice.  Employing 128 people, Walker Advertising handles the full marketing cycle, from filming, editing, placing media buys, and managing the consumer inquires through a 24/7 bi-lingual call center. During Mark’s tenure with Walker Advertising, the company grew 18% in revenue to $45M over a 14-month period.   After OSH acquired its fourth property, Mark joined the company to build its capabilities, infrastructure and scale the business for growth.  

Prior to joining Walker Advertising in April 2016, Mark formed a medical lien finance company called WestStar Group.  Over a three year period, as CEO, Mark set up five personal injury provider networks located in Florida and Colorado called MeritBridge.  MeritBridge provided underinsured and uninsured accident victims with the ability to gain access to quality medical treatment.  WestStar underwrote the medical liens, advancing funds to the medical providers and then recovering the outstanding funds after the claim was settled at a premium.  WestStar was later sold to First Financial Asset Management, the country’s largest holder of medical receivables in the country. 

Mark was the CEO of VWA for 9 years and was responsible for VWA growing the receivable management business from $10 million in revenue to managing over $32 billion in assets, with 1,100 employees and offices in 19 countries.  VWA sold its Order to Cash (O2C) assets to CapGemini on November 1, 2011, which then became one of the largest BPO O2C outsourcing firms in the world.

As one of the pioneers in the AR outsourcing industry, through Mark’s leadership, VWA provided services to some of the world’s largest companies: GE, Oracle, 20th Century Fox, Disney, Blue Cross, PacifiCare, and Yamaha.  Mark’s leadership, analytical style and engineering mindset placed VWA in a role of advisor and solution provider to many of the largest Global Finance organizations.

Widely recognized as an innovator in the way receivables are managed by global organizations, Mark was honored by Collection Advisor Magazine for three years in a row as one of the 50 most influential professionals in the collection industry. He has been quoted in publications including Credit Today, Collection Technology News and Recovery Advisor on a variety of business issues such as outsourcing and receivables management trends.  He is the author of Successful Outsource Implementation and has been a frequent speaker at business and industry events such as the Billion Dollar Forum Series, and Hackett Advisory Group.

Mark currently sits on the Board of Directors for Walker Advertising, and RJE International.