Travis Vengroff

Travis has managed low-income rental properties for over a decade. With experience in every facet of the business, from lawncare to rent collection, he manages a successful team that maintains over 1800 safe, clean, and affordable apartments.


A 3rd generation debt collector with over a decade of experience, Travis helped transition fortune 50 corporations from ineffective offshore call centers to low-cost specialists centers within the US. Working with clients like Tyco Security, G4S Security, GA Pacific, the American Stock Exchange, and Six Flags, Travis implemented bold AR strategies that significantly increased collections rates and reduced consumer complaints. Travis still serves on the Board of Directors for Vengroff Williams Inc, one of the world’s largest debt collection agencies, and helped redefine industry standards for Victim of Crime debt collections and Rx debt collection in the south-east. Travis also manages the most diverse publishing company in the world, which is being honored by the Guinness book of World Records for its book sales.